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Make use of the API for truth social commands
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# Example config file for Jimmy v2.
# This file is populated mostly with the default values set in src/
token = "token" # the bot token
debug_guilds = [994710566612500550] # server IDs to create slash commands in. Omit for all guilds.
disabled_commands = ["i do not exist"] # A list of full command names to disable (e.g. "<group name> <subcommand", "command_name").
disable_mode = "disable" # Can be "disable" or "remove". "remove" removes the command entirely until the next reboot.
modules = ["cogs.*"] # a list of modules to load. Glob-based patterns can be used. Defaults to all cogs if ommitted
delay = { 421698654189912064 = [0.1, 2.5] } # Adds an artificial delay before running commands. Useful for a soft-ban.
# Values must range from 0.01 (minimum) and 2.8 (maximum).
level = "DEBUG" # can be one of DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, CRITICAL. Defaults to INFO
file = "jimmy.log" # if omitted, defaults to jimmy.log. Always pretty prints to stdout.
mode = "a" # can be over(w)rite or (a)ppend. Defaults to append.
suppress = [
"selenium.webdriver.remote.remote_connection" # make sure to include this one to prevent /screenshot from putting
# literal images (in base64) in your logs.
# All the loggers specified here will have their log level set to WARNING.
# Ollama server setups. Omit all `ollama.*` to disable all AI-related features.
# name is "internal"
owner = 421698654189912064 # who owns the server
allowed_models = [
"*", # for all models
"llama2-uncensored:latest" # for a specific tag.
# Note that every model has a tag called "latest" which is the most recent version.
base_url = "http://ollama:11434/api" # this is the default if you're running via docker compose
owner = 421698654189912064
allowed_models = ["*"]
base_url = ""
icon_url = "" # An icon to use in the footer of embeds
# Configuration for the /screenshot command.
proxy = "http://example.test:8888" # the HTTP/S/OCKS proxy to use
# configuration for the /quota command.
# channel = 123456
# ^ The channel ID. If omitted, will default to a channel called "quotes".
foo = "bar"
# A key = "Value" mapping of names to true names. For example:
# foo = "bar"
# foobar = "bar"
# ipv6 = "security"
# Redis configuration. If you are using the docker-compose setup, then you do not need to configure this.
host = "redis" # the host[name or IP] of the redis server
port = 6379 # self-explanatory
# the no_ping option was removed after g+808D621F. All options in this section are now passed directly to redis.Redis().
# See the python redis docs for more info.
# Configures the auto-responder.
overpowered_by = [421698654189912064] # if these users are present in the server's member cache, auto-responses will be disabled in that server.
overrule_offline_superiors = true # if all the overpower users are missing or offline, ignore overpower rules
downloads_pdfs = true # If False, PDF links will not be downloaded and uploaded to discord.
# Configured specifically automated transcoding.
enabled = true # whether any transcoding at all should be done. If false, no links or attachments are ever probed.
hevc = true # Enables probing video links and converting any HEVC videos to H264+opus.
on_demand = true # Enables transcoding any video to h264+opus when 📼 (VHS) is reacted.
ip_servers = [
] # A list of SHRoNK IP servers. See:
enabled = false # disables starboard entirely
emoji = "⭐" # the emoji to use. Defaults to the plain star.
whitelist = [994710566612500550] # An array of server IDs to whitelist. Omitted means all servers.
channel_name = "starboard" # the channel name to search for. Globally, not per-server.
[truth] # for truth-social commands (/truths, h!trump, etc)
api = "" # base URL
username = "jimmy" # the username to use
password = "password" # the password to use